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When my children were school ages, there were a number of challenges that catapulted me in to a position of life advocacy.  In the public school system the challenges were academic and behavioral.  Because of such, this landed my children in numerous resource classes, non-public and even weeks of (unwarranted) psychiatric care.  The experiences took a long and agonized toll on me and my children mentally and financially,  as we walked the fine lines over “HELP” hurdles.  Demanding information or support, to assure children with special circumstances get the help they needed from a system that had proven failures, dealing with inner city educational, medical and judicial demands.

As the development quest proceeded within the educational system, medical care and judicial challenges were included during our urge to overcome obstacles.   Medical care challenges involved the ability to pay, preexisting condition clauses (thank you Obama Care)  that required special treatments for special conditions  (i.e. Encephalitis, Hydrocephalus,  ADHD, and Chronic Asthma.  Judicial concerns because of Gang Violence, yes gang violence! Another system that required “pay close attention to details”  (private attorney vs public defender, and the  importance of SEALING JUVENIAL RECORDS).  All interconnecting components that stood in the way of mainstream goal successes, during critical developmental stages that affect our children, even through  adulthood.

This is why The Sharing Cares Foundation is such a vital platform for people in need of advocacy assistance or to just share their experiences. We encourage others to  share their concerns, and cares on causes that impact lives, when dealing with educational, medical, judicial and displacement challenges.  We share information, supply resource links…we feel will change lives. At the least, point individuals or families in a direction for hope!

Sandra Thomas / Founder

Status:  501 (c) (3)

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