Do you understand the Importance of Financial Literacy?

…well you should, and if you  don’t Get Help! I can’t tell you how I’ve struggled with coming to terms on the importance of keeping good financial records, getting spending habits under control, how to/when to invest and ways common folk, like, you and myself can get a handle on our finances to begin SAVE.

However, one thing I am learning, there are many tools to help those struggling with money or debt management. One valuable, helpful, and FUN way to help me identify spending Strengths and Weaknesses was a board game. Playing the Game “2Sow or Not 2Sow”. This Financial Literacy Board Game really reveal your habits and knowledge.   I kinda flunk out,  but I sure enjoyed the challenge.

Yep…now this is a game. Something that can prepare personal and professional growth. Can’t beat that.

Knowledge is Power!



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