2022 Annual “Blankets Giveaway”

Sharing Cares Program

SCF Program

2021  Annual “Blankets Giveaway”

Covering the Homeless with Love & Warmth!


  •  LA, SB and Riverside Counties, only
  • New or Used (clean) Blankets
  • Call-in or email pick up request  (COVID restrictions may apply)
  • Supporting verified companies/programs

    email:   sjtg5554@sharingcares.com

    Program Director:   Alex Moreno, 909.500.2882


One Touch Blanket Ministry is a Sharing Cares program that has provided over 20 years of service in the Los Angeles community. Servicing the homeless, shelters, transitional homes and people in need of basic necessities.

This year the program has extended its partnership service to San Bernardino and Riverside counties. Our hope is to help cover people with love and warmth! from an inventory supplied by our new and continued supporters or contributors.

This year,  our target is to collect blankets to be donated where there is a need!  We appreciate your donation consideration and look forward to achieving our goal with your support!

OT/SCF Donation Center








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